The Intrinsic Value of Sales Training

By Jennifer Barros


Training cannot be emphasized enough. It is a crucial component to the organization’s development and success.

With a strong training program, you are investing in your associates and everyone reaps the benefits. Training improves the morale of employees, there is less supervision of a well-trained associate, fewer errors occur, and there is increased productivity.

Developing a ‘training university’ is more than reviewing benefits, coding, procedures, and CMS guidelines. Training includes:

  • evaluating the way you work;
  • teaching empathy;
  • understanding the different phases of emotion a member/prospect has when purchasing a plan;
  • assessing their needs and asking needs-based questions;
  • leveraging the existing member data to help tailor your conversation with the member (tip: this helps find them a solution);

The pillars of your training university can be adaptable and used in multiple avenues. You can utilize different courses and approaches to help train sales reps, SHIP counselors, and external licensed agents out in the community.  The structure will help support the sales and marketing initiatives of the organization and help you reach your goal of increasing enrollment and retention.

Need some help revamping your training program?  Maybe you are ready to launch a training university. You don’t have to create it alone; Medicare Compliance Solutions can help you. We are ready to start the training fun!

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