How happy are your Medicare members with you?

By Jennifer Barros

The Medicare Open Enrollment season has passed, you renewed your members, and if you had a good year, you gained new members as well. Their cards have been mailed and new claims are being processed. Congratulations!

So now what is your plan? Business as usual or is it time to change things up?

If anyone is evaluating the profit and loss of your Medicare line of business, then you are no stranger to hearing it is more expensive to gain new members than it is to retain your existing members.

What are you going to do differently to change your members’ experience?

When was the last time you really heard the voice of the member? Are you taking the opportunity to understand their journey? Have you taken a step back to identify and pick the low-hanging fruit, to improve the journey?

Here’s a hint: your customer service team.  Imagine the impact you can have on the member’s experience when your Customer Service Agents realize they are now Retention Service Representatives.

New energy is infused in your team when they see their roles and responsibilities as more than the Average Handle Time, Average Speed to Answer, and Average Hold Time.  They have the power to make every member contact a positive member experience.

Your team has the potential to deliver exceptional results with compassion, grit, and advocacy for your members. They can create an experience that will leave your Medicare members referring your health plan to their family and friends.

Investing in your customer service team increases retention. Sound good to you? Let the experts at Medicare Compliance Solutions help you transform your customer service experience now,  so that your 2018 Medicare Open Enrollment can be the best harvest season you have ever had!

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